SMART Repair Centre is committed to providing car body repair services of supreme quality. We provide Burlington, Hamilton, and Oakville motorists with complete peace of mind, combining professional-level fit and finish with affordable prices and friendly service.

We take the sting out of auto body repairs by localizing where we focus our repairs as much as possible. That way, you don’t have to worry about paying for the replacement and repainting of whole body panels. This makes the repair process easier, more convenient and more affordable to ensure that your vehicle's paint, rims, glass and interior are spotless.

For the kind of auto repair Burlington customers consistently trust, you need our team at SMART Repair Centre.

Accident Repair

Our accident repair service is designed to save you money by localizing the repair rather than requiring whole panels to be replaced. We can offer comprehensive repairs on minor body damage that can make your car look brand new -- all without the cost of replacing major body panels.

Express Scratch & Dent Repair

Scratches and dents can make even the most beautiful cars lose their luster. As a part of the auto repair our Burlington clients demand, we can make scratches and dents disappear in no time. Forget about saying goodbye to your vehicle for a week -- we can offer same-day repairs for scratches and dents.

SMART Paint Repair

Paintwork can be one of the most expensive areas of repair on any vehicle. Our SMART paint repair services are designed to localize the paint repair, meaning entire panels don't have to be removed or repainted. We can provide a seamless blend between the new paint and your vehicle's existing finish.

Rim Repair

Your rims can take a beating through the course of daily driving. Curbing, rock chips and other road debris can make your rims look rough. Our rim repair service can totally rejuvenate your rims, repairing any damage, repainting and even offering improved protection against future damage.

Interior Repair

A vehicle's interior can suffer considerable damage over time. Leather can crack, fade and discolour, while cloth seats can also be prone to discolouring or ripping. We can provide your interior with a new lease of life -- whether your vehicle has cloth, vinyl, plastic, leather or any other kind of seat material.

The best thing you can do for your vehicle's paint is to help protect it before it gets damaged. Our special paint protection coating provides an extra layer of coverage on your paint to help protect it against damage from UV rays, rain, mud, snow and all manners of other road debris that can potentially damage your paint.