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If you are looking for Car Scratch Repair near you, look no further. We do everything from car paint repair to paint chip repair to complete car respray and more. We service customers from Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Milton, Brampton and Toronto. SMART Repair Centre is your go to car paint shop. 

Small auto scratches are hard to ignore. If they are deeper and go through to the metal, they also leave your vehicle at risk of rust and corrosion. In short, car scratch repair should be properly performed. Whether your car has been in an accident or has experienced everyday wear and tear, getting rid of any scratches and marks should be high on your list of priorities.

Many people try to hide scratches at home by using scratch repair kits. However, there is no guarantee that these will always achieve successful results. Maintaining the value of your car is important, which means we strongly advise arranging a car paint scratch repair with an experienced auto paint team. That way, you can get the job done properly the first time, with guaranteed results.

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What is SMART (Small & Medium Area Repair Technique)?

What is S.M.A.R.T.? (Small To Medium Area Repair Technique)




SMART stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Technique. This type of car paint repair has reduced the need to always visit a traditional bodyshop for light repairs. Some SMART repairs can be undertaken at a bodyshop, whereas others are done by specialist SMART repairs. SMART repairs can be used for a range of problems including paint chip repair, bumper scuffs and panel scratches.

In recent years or so, SMART auto repairs have become very popular. This is because this type of paint repair technique has cut back on the need for car owners to visit a traditional bodyshop for minor fixes. Some repairs of this nature can be done at a normal bodyshop. Others, however, may need to be completed by specialist SMART garages and technicians. SMART repairs can be used for a range of problems including paint chip, scuffs to bumpers and scratches to panels.

Why Should You Choose SMART Scratch Repair?

One major advantage of SMART repairs is that they usually cost less because a smaller area of your vehicle is being worked on. Don’t be alarmed by the fact that the auto body paint repair cost is lower for SMART work. This should not mean you get a lower standard of work or poorer results. Rather, you won’t have to pay for an entire side of your vehicle's panels to be repaired with this method, thus bringing the cost down.

SMART repairs are normally fast and are always finished within a day or two of being started. Another key benefit of this method is that due to work costing less, you might choose not to make a claim on your insurance for it. This is desirable as it protects your No Claims Discount.

If you are planning to sell your vehicle, SMART repairs are handy too. Any paint chip can harm the value of your car when people come to view it. By using the SMART repair method, you’ll have a fast and affordable way to avoid this problem.

How Does SMART Car Paint Repair Work?

In simple terms, the SMART repair process works by only repairing a small or medium area of your vehicle. This is different to more traditional car paint repairs, which often involve technicians carrying out their work on a whole section or larger area of your car. Instead, SMART repairs work specifically on the dent, scratch or crack itself to fix it rather than replacing, painting or fixing the entire section of your vehicle. Once your vehicle has been dropped off at our repair centre, our team will get to work on the specific area required to restore it to its original condition with no fuss.

However, many of our customers also ask us: how else does this technique differ from more traditional paint job repairs on cars?

As SMART repairs involve less work and do not require expensive equipment to complete repairs, the cost will be lower than a normal car paint fix. As this type of work is less time consuming, it also means any repairs are done faster and that you’ll get your car back quicker. Our expert team will use the best materials and methods to provide a seamless look for your vehicle when any work is finished. All in all, it is a much better way of handling any smaller auto repairs.

Why Choose SMART Car Scratch Repair?

The benefit of SMART repairs is that they are usually cheaper than going to a bodyshop, as only a small area needs to be repaired. Don’t be put off by the low price – this doesn’t mean you’ll get a low quality job! Rather, this technique reduces the need to pay for the whole side of your car’s body panels to be painted and instead just focuses on one small area, such as a dent in your door or a scratched bumper.

SMART repairs are also quick and always completed on the same or consecutive day.


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