Minor Accident Repair


Your car repair only looks as good as the paint that finishes it.



Had a minor car accident?
Here at Smart Repair Centre we specialize in Minor Car Accident repair so called "Drivable Accidents". If you scraped side of a car against a wall,cracked a bumper or someone hit you on a parking lot, come see us today for your free no obligation quote.

70% of all accidents leave the vehicle in drivable condition. And, based on statistics from Canada Department of Transportation's Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

30% of accidents are rear impacts or "rear-enders"
29% are side impacts
16% are collisions with stationary structures, such as light poles

With those facts in mind, Smart Repair Centre in Burlington set out to revolutionize the auto body industry.  In 2010, we created a streamlined auto repair service that focuses specifically on drivable accident repairs by eliminating the heavy equipment and high overhead of a traditional auto body shop. As a result, Smart Repair Centre can complete most repairs in a few days – often a few hours –in a very cost effective way.

Think of Smart Repair Centre like an outpatient clinic for your car. Instead of checking into the hospital –where you spend a lot of time and money – you can have your problem taken care of by a skilled specialist and go home the very same day.

With Smart Repair Centre, you will enjoy:

-Convenient location
-Clean, quiet waiting areas
-Friendly, professional staff
-Free exact quotes – not estimates – within 10 minutes
-Insurance or non-insurance repairs
-Lifetime guarantee

Discover Smart Repair Centre, where we treat your car with the care it deserves – fast, flawless and for less!