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If you are looking for surface Rust Repair near you, look no further. We do auto body rust repair and more. We service customers from Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Milton, Brampton and Toronto

Steel rusts and as long as auto body panels are made of steel, your car is prone to rust. The most important thing in fixing rust is to get it done on time before it spreads. If you catch it and get it fixed while it is surface rust, it will be a cheaper repair and will need to be sanded and painted. However if it is left without being fixed, it will eventually go through the panel and you will end up having to spend a lot more in having the whole panel replaced to complete car rust repair.

In Ontario due to the weather conditions and the salt used on the roads, rust is a huge problem. It starts with just a small chip and ends up consuming the whole panel. You should be vigilant in looking for the first signs of rust which will a first sign of a problem in paint nicks, cracks and scratches. Any metal exposed will react with the environment and start to rust. Auto rust can be controlled provided you do it on time.

Advantages Of Rust Repair

Visual Appeal

Rust is ugly. On any given day, your car is exposed to the tough Burlington, Ontario environment… Salt, snow, rain and road grime, and other harmful elements can cause rusting and corrosion. Auto body rust can cause major complications to a vehicle in motion. By using our rust repair service you are making sure that your vehicle is in optimal visual appearance.

Re-sale Value

As with everything else, your car is your asset and is as valuable as it is maintained. You will get a bigger resale value if you get your auto rust repaired before you put your vehicle up for sale.

Lease Return

You can also fix rust before a lease return to avoid heavy bills and surprises at the end.


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