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Dents Repair

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All You Need To Know About The Door Dings And Dents Repair
In the earlier times. Repairing door dings and dents by following the conventional techniques of auto body shop. It was the only option and it was time consuming and expensive.
But with the invention of Paint less Dent Removal or PDR process, things have changed.

This is a really economical solution for Dents Repair. The small dings and dents therefore in most of the cases. These need an hour or a little more than that to perform.

Door dings and dents, which can be removed by the PDR technique .
Include the dents in the size of finger nails up to the size of a dollar or more than that.

These types of car body repair and removal techniques work really well for a range of common.
Most popular types of small dings and dents. Which mainly occur from the doors of other vehicles, shopping carts, hailstorms, bicycle handle bars and numerous other sources? In fact, this type of vehicle repairing service is eco-friendly, highly cost effective. Completely environment friendly option.

But this type of repairing service has its limitations as this is not applicable to more extensive vehicle damages like damages. Which are disruptive to paint, vehicle to vehicle crashes, torn or stretched metals, damaged plastics like newer model bumpers and plastic panels?

These Dents Repair can actually be removed from almost any places on the vehicle, which is accessible. Just it is necessary to select a skilled and experienced technician as this process is an art and there is nothing easy about it. Choosing a professional with less experience and less skills will damage both the metal and paint.

One of the main reasons of opting for Paint less Dent Removal or PDR process is to restore the original look of the vehicle. Without going for repainting or bodywork, which can actually decrease the value of a vehicle. In case you visit a body shop for removing dents. Then this will be a complex and lengthy process. Here one needs to leave the vehicle within the body shop for 3-6 days.
So that the technicians can apply putty/body filler while removing the original paint across the dented areas to bring back the surface to smooth.
After that, a primer coat is applied to the top and therefore the vehicle body is sanded and repainted. But PDR method uses no solvents. No paint, no chemicals or no primers unlike the traditional paints. Which have negative impacts on the planet and atmosphere.

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But before choosing an auto body shop for this type of repair, don’t forget to inquire about the repair methods used and the procedures. Make sure that you only choose the professionals, who are qualified enough to do this repairing job. Only a few companies use the most updated technologies and state-of-the-art procedures to perform the Paint less Dent Removal
Dents Repair
Otherwise, choosing an under-qualified technician will not be able to do the repairing job properly and therefore the vehicle will look worse. Also ask how long the technician would need to perform the repair.
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